Sunday, May 2, 2010

Today is an iffy day. Yesterday was sunny, and even hot if you sat out in the yard, say, picking dandelions for the jelly you intend to make with your mother and sister at some point before you move to Vermont, which move is getting closer and closer. Crunch time is looming. I have wild urges to pack, but no boxes. Our plans are still in limbo, although with the potential to solidify in short order if all goes well. Limbo is not my favorite place. It makes me feel anxious, with shortness of breath and a feeling of overload that borders on incapacitation.
Mint tea helps. And yoga. And breathing. But what will really help is being finally ready to move. Vermont ho!

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  1. Haven't visited here in so long and now I see you're headed out of state, but alas it's not too far away. A neighbor of mine had tons of boxes she was trying to give away after her move a couple years ago and I suggested -- don't know if she found takers, but maybe you could find some there or maybe on Uncle Henrys. Limbo is a hard place to be, I wish you the best with getting it all sorted out! ~Lili